1.        Order by phone or through our website or Facebook.

You will be given a date where possible as to when your order is ready.  We will endeavour to respect that date but mechanical breakdowns and adverse weather conditions do happen.  We will not be liable for any delay in your order being ready. 

2.        Conditions 

All orders are made on these Conditions to the exclusion of all other Conditions. By placing your order you confirm that you agree to these Conditions.  

3.        Delivery 

a.        We will deliver turf to you for a standard charge depending on your distance from Fearn, Ross-shire where our turf farm is based.  We will agree a delivery date and time with you and keep to that unless we are affected by issues beyond our control, including weather for harvesting, traffic etc.  We will tell you if the delivery is to be delayed.  We need someone there to accept delivery and to pay any balance due.  

b.        We will not deliver your turf unless the full sum due has been paid. 

c.         We normally deliver loads by lorry or by van.  There must be a safe area available for unloading.  We can provide returnable pallets if you have a forklift available.  Otherwise we will manually unload the turf to an area within 15 m of the access for the vehicle. 

4.        Turf Laying surface 

We can recommend Landscape Gardeners in your area.  You will deal with them directly and we take no commission and have no liability for their actions. 

5.        Cancellation 

All orders are harvested for each specific customer.  We hold no stocks of harvested turf as this will deteriorate quickly.  You may cancel without charge at any time up to the moment that the harvester is working.  Thereafter you are responsible for payment at the charge agreed for all turf harvested.  We will not charge for delivery if delivery is not carried out.  We will not charge for disposal of a cancelled turf order. 

6.        About turf 

a.        Turf is a product that deteriorates with time from the moment it has been harvested.  We supply fresh recently cut turf that is ready for transplant immediately on delivery.  In hot summer turf must be laid urgently for best results.  In winter there is an additional window of up to 2 days depending on weather conditions.  Any delay will affect the success of your turf.  You should have your ground prepared before the turf arrives.  You should ensure that you can lay the turf as soon as it is delivered.  If a problem arises unexpectedly the life of turf can be extended slightly if the rolls are unwound and placed on the ground turf side up.  

b.        If you are unsure how to lay turf check our turf laying page. 

7.        Our guarantee 

 We guarantee that our turf is in good condition and will thrive if laid according to our instructions upon delivery on a viable nutritionally suitable well prepared soil surface.  We are not liable for any advice given, or the consequences of delayed laying, or laying onto an unviable surface or where the nutrition within the surface is not sufficient or is toxic to the turf.  


8.        Complaints 

a.        Complaints about the quality of our turf must be made within 48 hours of delivery by phone and email to us, sending a photo of the problem perceived.  If we accept that the problem is of our making we shall reimburse you at our option with either a refund of the price paid for the problem area of turf or with additional turf to overcome the problem.  We will deliver the replacement turf to you without charge.  

b.        Please remember that a tear in turf will mend in a short period if properly laid and does not constitute unviable turf.  We may also provide you with some extra lengths of turf at the outset as a goodwill gesture.  These can be used to fill any lengths with imperfections. 

c.         We are not to any extent liable to you in respect of a delayed delivery. 

d.        We shall never be liable to you under this contract for any amount more than the value of the turf supplied.  We accept no liability for any consequential losses. 

9.        Satisfied Customers

If you are satisfied with our product we ask that you send us a picture of your new lawn looking at its best.  If you have any comments on how we can improve our service please get in touch. 

10.      Turf Sizes 

a.        Our turf is lifted in sections which are 60cm wide and 1.66m long (approximately).  This means that each turf length has an area of 1.0 sq metres.  When ordering turf to allow for cuts that must be made in the laying process we recommend that you order an additional 10%.  

b.        If you want to turf a lawn that is 10m by 10m, you will need to order 100sqm plus 10% - a total of 110sqm.  We will deliver to you 138 lengths.  Turf weight depends on prevailing weather conditions but is approximately 12 -16kg per roll.  

c.         Remember that if you want to save on your lawn rather than turfing a large area you can use our precisely cut turf to define the edges and sow grass seed in the centre.  This looks  good from the outset and saves the work of preparing sown edges. 

d.        Turf can easily be laid by 2 fit persons at the rate of 1 sq metre per minute.