Ordering Turf

How much turf do you need?


Ordering turf is not as difficult as it might appear.  Measure the size of the area you want to turf.  Add 10% to cover circular features and to allow for wastage. 


So if your area is 10m x 7m then you will need 10 x 7 + 7 = 77 sq m.  You can measure in square yards or feet if you prefer.  We have 2 harvesters one set to square yards and the other to square meters so we can work either way!


Ordering Turf


Because it is imperative that you lay  turf that has been freshly harvested, we do not hold stocks of cut turf like some retailers.  If you want to order turf either phone us, Facebook us, email us or complete the "Contact Us" form on the menu above.  Leave us a contact phone number and, if you can, tell us how many miles you are from us.  We will then provide you with a Quote for the delivered turf.  We will ask you when you have time or help available to lay the turf so that we can deliver as close to then as possible.  We will then lift the turf especially for you.  You can visit us by arrangement to watch us lift the turf if you wish.  Typically we can deliver the day following your order. 


Laying the Turf


Turf can be laid at any time of year except when there is frost or snow.  It will take slower to adapt to its new location in winter simply because there is slower growth at that time of year.  This does not mean that the result will be worse.


We are busy farmers and so cannot lay your new lawn ourselves. Instead we work with a number of local landscape contractors  whose details w can give you.  We can work with your landscape contractor to ensure that your lawn is laid close in time to the delivery, thus securing best results.  Click on the link below to see our turf laying instructions.