Our turf is £3.00 per square meter.   Phone us for availability.  Turf is available only by prior arrangement.  It is lifted to order.  We do usually have a short waiting list sometimes up to 2 weeks so phone in advance.


Your turf is lifted by one of our turf harvesters. Most of the work involves setting up the harvester for the prevailing conditions.  For that reason smaller quantities ordered can be a wee bit more expensive than larger quantities which take proportionately less time per square metre to lift.  To get round this we tend to lift several orders together. Rest assured though, we believe that we are cheaper than the regular prices charged by our competitors in the area. 


More importantly our turf is guaranteed fresh.  This gives a much greater chance that your lawn will grow fully and thrive.  It can take 4 days for turf to reach you from the Central Belt.  Our time limit from field to your garden is commonly 4 hours!


We are a small enterprise.  Delivery is available sometimes, dependent on workload, within a 100 mile radius at a reasonable rate based on the number of miles travelled.  It can be that delivery is quite expensive particularly for small orders and we do encourage people to pick up orders from our premises if they can.  It can be cheaper for you to arrange a short term van hire if you live further away.  (try Focus van hire Inverness).  If we deliver we will unload your turf to an area as close to your chosen point as we can get with our lorry, van or trailer.  We cannot carry turf longer distances.


Turf weighs around 15kg per square meter when wet and about 13kg when dry.  This is heavier than some others because our turf is more mature and we cut thicker giving the turf a ready to use appearance.

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